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How to Handle Customers

The situation: An impatient customer may have been waiting in line longer than usual, they may be running late to their next appointment, or maybe they’re restless while you search for a solution to their issue or concern.

How to handle it: Be clear and to the point without appearing dismissive of their demeanor. Explain transparently why there’s a wait or delay without getting into specifics. Make sure an impatient customer knows that effort is being invested in resolving the situation.

Frame your answers in a positive light, too. For example, instead of saying that an item is out of stock, explain that a new delivery is expected by a certain date or that you are working quickly to restock the items in question.

The indecisive customer
The situation: An indecisive customer struggles to choose between several products or service options, but they may not communicate this concern to you.

How to handle it: Ask specific questions about some of the most common factors that impact decision-making, including features, service tiers and price. If you have any literature that can help them make a decision, point them to those resources as well. Most importantly, listen to their concerns with care.

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The angry customer
The situation: No matter the scenario or solution, an angry customer is simply not satisfied with the end result, and attempts to rectify the situation are not helping or are worsening the situation.

How to handle it: Even if you don’t feel it’s warranted, begin the interaction by apologizing for the issue. Try to resolve the situation by addressing pointed grievances they have regarding the subject at hand. Remember to keep it brief: The longer you linger, the more opportunities for grievances arise and the less time you have to spend with your other customers.

The demanding customer
The situation: A demanding customer zaps lots of your energy and time, often at the expense of other customers. They may be dead set on the product or solution they want and may not accept alternatives, even those that are a better fit for their needs.

How to handle it: Speak slowly and be patient. Hear their concerns and move swiftly to address them. Be transparent, too; answers to buy time or put off their needs while addressing other customers may not go over well.

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